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  1. anyone who wants to raise money across the net will want to speculate in Forex. What is the best way to do that? You need only three things : First, capital as per your financial solvency - The more capital you grow, the better your chance of profit. Second, we need technical components - a computer (or an updated phone) and a connection to the Internet is likely to be quick to receive exchange rates as quickly as possible without delay and disruption. Thirdly Arincen , you need a broker to mediate between you and the market and provide you leverage What is Forex . This broker is known as a Forex or brokerage company , and because of the nature of Forex and its size, there are thousands of intermediariesThe providers of this service there are waiting to secure their services to you
  2. Even with half your deals closed on a loss you are a winner !!!! Indeed, I am surprised by the people who aspire to reasonable profits in the Forex market and lose for a simple reason, if I entered all deals this month with Determine this risk ratio at least 2: 1, with simple words that risk one point in order to get two points in the future, or 3: 1 and so on. And even lost 50% of the transactions that you opened and exited at the specified point of the system of stop loss, while the rest of the transactions succeeded at the point of reaping Profits you are a winning investor.Best Forex Trading Companies in the World Think about it, you lost half your deals and won half of your deals, but when you won you would have won two points either When you lose, you lose one point, which means that you win. With the commission paid to the company, you are still a winner, even if you have small profits.
  3. Forex recommendations, Forex recommendations + article on behalf of someone talking about us It is not easy to be a successful trader in the Forex market, it is normal to use people with long experience in this field. Imagine that you just entered this market and you opened a real account and you have in your mobile phone number person for an important economic expert in this area and have 10 years experience in the forex markets after you met him in a cafe, and started to send you Forex recommendations on certain currency pairs and what you have to do It is only to apply these recommendations to your account and to make profits from the experience of a capable person.How can Forex recommendations be the most successful? There are many experts who publish successful recommendations across the web or social media, but as a person who does not have enough experience, how can you identify good recommendations and apply them to your investment account? Forex's most successful recommendations include: 1) Entry point (ie the price we sell / buy from) 2) a profit-taking point (the point for successful recommendation and then closing the transaction automatically) 3) stop loss point (a point we select to exit the deal automatically when the market reflects us)It is better to have a profit-taking point twice the stop-loss point. This is called riskreward. This will be a gain by simply applying a set of certain Forex recommendations in your account and making profits once half of the recommendations are met and the other half loses the predefined stop. How do you get Forex recommendations? Many tlegem channels, recommendation providers and sites offer forex recommendations which we choose? If you find an analyst who claims to have achieved 2000 points, that is reasonable. If you find another analyst who claims to have achieved 10,000 points, this is no more aggressive promotion. The Forex field has developed strongly and the best way to make sure the professionalism of those claiming is that you are evaluating or declining the rating of its traders The best way to choose the best Forex recommendations ... The best way in our day to make sure that the professional analysts and their recommendations in the Forex market is a platform for social forex recommendations, where the watchdog and the accountant are the traders themselves, and I would like to remind you of the social recommendations platform of arincen I think it has brought me and every trader the end we want through an innovative idea that anyone can take advantage of. I have been using their social forex recommendations platform not long ago and have made great use of several reasons 1) Analysts and traders publish their recommendations on the site and each recommendation under the name of the owner 2) I can comment on each recommendation so that I can inquire and discuss the recommendation with the analyst who published it and other traders 3) Professional analysts publish Forex recommendations and show their professionalism as soon as they attach an analysis to each recommendation 4) You can look at the results of the previous Forex recommendations for each analyst / trader توصيات الذهب Arincen is a well-deserved professional site that has been created in the platform of the Forex social recommendations and investor illusion because it is an independent and non-affiliated website of any Forex company. It is an independent investment house that benefits its customers with 20 services for the success of their investment. When I was trading alone and for a year and a half I was earning a month and losing in another, I did not feel any noticeable progress but by and the Forex Social Recommendations platform I made good gains and satisfied with performance and started following how analysts write successful Forex recommendations and started writing my recommendations They have my own website Transparent site arincen Arincen has one rule: transparency. Proof of what I say is that every trader gets a trial period of two weeks to see for himself the profits he earns through the recommendations of the Forex platform for their social recommendations Why do I write this? In fact, the company offers a commission to those who interact in its location and attract investors and frankly my economic situation is good and I do not need this commission, but the administration at the site arincen deserve it and more Congratulations to them on this idea of ​​creativity and anyone who wants to benefit from those who read this article